Play Theory

Her shoe tumbled from my trembling fingertips
I always attempted to put it back onto the slender foot
But I realized that it was no use
I was powerless over this plastic girl

And so I went to my computer
Where I entered into a world
Where I could manipulate everything
With only a blank page
And a keyboard

And my mind

And everything I had wanted to pretend
Tumbled out in words

Ten years later
What comes out
Is no longer pretend
But about everything shaped by my powerlessness

My thoughts
On the challenges I face
For being a girl
For being disabled
In this new world disorder

Women must shout for their rights
They must chant
And blockade
And march
But they must also be silent
With paper and pen

Or computer

Because sometimes
Speak louder
Than actions

Shoe Collage by various artists













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