Choosing readings for your book club? Want something that everyone can find, everyone will finish, and everyone wants to talk about?

Teaching a language arts, women’s studies, creative writing, or social studies class? Want current, topical, engaging, and accessible readings by Canadian writers?

Creating an online course during the COVID-19 crisis? Staying at home and refining your own writing skills?

Why not explore the richness of literary magazines for your book club, class, or self-directed instruction? Readings are short, often free, and always vetted by diligent editors! Assigning readings from Canadian literary magazines also helps support a precarious wing of the publishing sector.

Understorey Magazine offers superb fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art free of charge. Our topics are wide and deep, exploring the intersection of gender and climate change, justice, age, dis/ability, theatre, service, home, and motherhood. We have also published special issues by African Nova Scotian Women and Francophone women in Atlantic Canada. See all of our issues here.

We will add new conversation ideas and readings to this page over the next few weeks.

Enjoy! If you have ideas or feedback, write to us: editor@understoreymagazine.ca