Done Here

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Small the changes we made
to the yard from last
spring to this. Shrubs
mainly, a path, a deck.
But we must have changed
the northwest passage
around the house for today
the strong wind, soothing
as it was for a time
in its familiarity as I sat
with the horror of news,
ultimately crushed the curve
taken by a flock of American
tree sparrows against my window.
One after one they fell. I rose,
made myself look at each one,
the whole works. Dead dead dead
dying dead. Look what I’ve done.

About Brenda Schmidt

Brenda Schmidt is a writer, editor, and visual artist who explores creative paths between the natural and digital worlds. Author of five books of poetry and a book of essays, her work is included in The Best of the Best Canadian Poetry in English: Tenth Anniversary Edition. She has reviewed fiction, poetry, and nonfiction for Quill & Quire. She was the seventh Saskatchewan Poet Laureate.

3 thoughts on “Done Here

  1. Holly Tsun Haggarty

    Very vivid and aching, and truthful.


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