Understorey Magazine publishes literary writing and visual art by and about women in Canada. “Women” includes all who identify as such or as non-binary. “In Canada” includes those who identify as First Nations or Métis, those with or applying for permanent residence and Canadians living abroad. We love words but are not stuck on labels or definitions! Please contact us if you have any questions about submitting your work.

Our vision is to sustain a relevant, accessible and aesthetically beautiful venue that empowers women through self-expression and contributes to the diversity and vitality of Canadian literature and visual art. To achieve this vision we:

  • Publish compelling, original stories and art by Canadian writers and artists who identify as women.
  • Inspire, encourage and mentor new and emerging writers and artists.
  • Support and promote established writers and artists.
  • Seek out underrepresented stories and voices.
  • Maintain a broadly feminist perspective that is welcoming, inclusive and empowering.

Understorey launched in November 2013 as a project of the Second Story Women’s Centre in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. With their generous administrative and editorial support, we published seven fabulous issues on the many facets of motherhood, including a special issue on motherhood and disability.

In 2016, Understorey formed a new partnership with the Alexa McDonough Institute for Women, Gender and Social Justice (AMI) at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. This exciting collaboration has seen the magazine grow and diversify. We have maintained our interest in motherhood (defined broadly) but expanded our scope to include a range of themes relevant to Canadian women. The first issue produced through this partnership explored women and justice.


Publication Details
Title: Understorey Magazine
Published: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Frequency: 2-3 times per year
ISSN: 2560-6506