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To Man, From Woman

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Beyoncé. Anne Hathaway. Hillary Clinton.
Angela Merkel. Susan Wojcicki. Ellen Degeneres.
There is no more powerful force than an adamant woman.

Does this sound familiar?
We have been fighting for our rights for generations.
Who says you get to decide what is best for us?

Our ability to have and raise a child,
Does not limit our ability to be educated.

Why do we have to let you push us around?
Does our strength scare you?

Standing up for ourselves is not an act of rebellion.
In this time of hate and sexism,
Feminists are not chauvinist.

Why are ninety percent of rape victims female?
Why do women earn only seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man earns?
Why does Donald Trump decide whether or not abortions are right for us?

Why is our society pushing us to believe that we are not as acceptable as you?
Women are not used for your gratification.

Does how beautiful I appear to be appal you?
I do not present myself for your objectification.

Women are full of energy, new ideas, and enough power to change the world.
So why are we being treated like we aren’t equal?

To: Man, From: Woman
Please treat us as your equivalent.


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