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Perhaps, and Yet

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speckled green eyes and calloused hands
focal points to his form
an achromatic shadow that looms

the realization comes with foreign touches
with his sharp intakes of the winter air

he dismantles every fragment of
my being shattered on damp pavement

he lets his footsteps echo as he

and yet

a different night
I’d have succumbed through dinner
allured by speckled green eyes dancing
to the flicker of burning candles
captivated by calloused hands flowing with eloquence
with the warmth of his endearments
with the power he wielded

and yet
such circumstances were not.

to oblivion I will carry them
speckled green eyes and calloused hands

for the realization came with foreign touches
with his sharp intakes of the winter air

Bitter Wind by Signe Constable


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Even If….

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We must persevere.

Even if the hands of society grab and pull at us,
trying to mould our bodies, our souls,
We must break away.

Even if the words of others speak to the darkest thoughts,
We must protect our minds.

Even if the lens only filters black and white
We must see in colour.

Even if the binds of the world begin to unthread,
We must stitch them back together.

Even if around every corner we turn
we are asked to indulge in the worst,
We must say “no.”

Even if the things money can’t buy,
are challenged by the things it can,
We must choose love.

Even if the shadows cast doubt
We must shine our light.

Even if…
We must persevere.

Out of this World by Lily Brigham-Gale

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Your Words Don’t Hurt Us

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I laugh and pull her close
She leans her head on my shoulder
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I chuckle and squeeze her hand
She smiles weakly
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I wince and look to her
She drops my hand
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I turn to her and reach out
She steps away
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I pocket my hands and drop my gaze
She is not here
Your words hurt us
I loved her…

I still do

Meow by Erin Hollingshead















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Play Theory

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Her shoe tumbled from my trembling fingertips
I always attempted to put it back onto the slender foot
But I realized that it was no use
I was powerless over this plastic girl

And so I went to my computer
Where I entered into a world
Where I could manipulate everything
With only a blank page
And a keyboard

And my mind

And everything I had wanted to pretend
Tumbled out in words

Ten years later
What comes out
Is no longer pretend
But about everything shaped by my powerlessness

My thoughts
On the challenges I face
For being a girl
For being disabled
In this new world disorder

Women must shout for their rights
They must chant
And blockade
And march
But they must also be silent
With paper and pen

Or computer

Because sometimes
Speak louder
Than actions

Shoe Collage by various artists













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thought they took it away
when they exchanged our crowns for chains
not knowing where I was headed
I tried to remember the footprints
In the sand
I followed the man
to a ship
On it engraved
“Blacks only”
Only blacks
They tried to attack
So I ran
Back through the sand
Feeling the pressure
Of my grandmother on my heels
she revealed
Pointing to my heart
She said this is where you start
And ever since
It all made sense
they couldn’t take
what I was told to embrace
away from me
my grandmother paved for me
A road I was allowed to walk on
She was silenced
I was allowed to speak
So when I scream I try to teach
why the black woman is said to be angry
We were possessions never the prize
His story told so many lies
that’s when I knew
I had to become the voice for you
through darkness the only way to get through the night
Is to follow the sounds that lead you to light
blinded but able to hear
I can feel her close she’s very near
whispering the legacy
on the road she paved for me
I wait for other women
so they can too find peace

Cover art by Yewande Taiwo

















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