Behind Me, My Footprints Fill with Powder / Persephone

Behind Me, My Footprints Fill with Powder

A mouse-gray sky dusts the hills,
softens the silhouettes of evergreens.

I walk alongside my adult daughter,
our words tiny clouds between us.

In the bay, the island is disappearing,
a ghost in the mist of whirling white.

When she was a child, I could gather her up,
say, the dark is just an empty room.

Fresh snow covers the blue woods,
paints each branch, each needle.

My daughter weighs my experience
against hundreds of google facts.

I catch a flake on my tongue,
taste the sharp crystalline beauty.

Behind me, my footprints fill with powder.
In this cold, you can’t feel yourself.

photo showing a snowy ground, a trail, a bare tree, and a red barn

Still Standing by Rebecca St. Pierre



I cradle the phone as I listen
to my daughter
she’s Down Under
whisked away from me

outside a doe eats acorns
last spring two speckled fawns
followed her on wobbly legs
I left the grass uncut a bed
safe from wolf and coyote

with words my daughter paints a box jellyfish
its pulsing translucent body afloat
under the waves
pale poison tentacles
reach for her soft belly
I want my daughter home


I only say
I love you

the doe moves on


About Atma Frans

Originally from Belgium, Atma Frans lives in Gibsons, BC, where she teaches creative expression, mindfulness, and play. In her writing, she searches for the voice beneath her personas: woman, trauma survivor, mother, architect, teacher, queer, poet. Her work has been published in The New Quarterly, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Dalhousie Review (forthcoming), Obsessed with Pipework, Fenland Poetry Journal, Okay Donkey Press, and Chiron Review, as well as long-listed for The ELQ/Exile's Carter V Cooper Short Fiction Competition and the Writers Union's Short Prose Competition.

About Rebecca St. Pierre

Rebecca St. Pierre is a writer and photographer who abandoned a science career to pursue creativity in words and pixels. Over the past 13 years, she has worked with magazines, nonprofits, and small businesses on visual art, articles, and grant applications from her home in London, Ontario. Rebecca’s photography typically focuses on light, structure, and colour in natural environments. She recently started exploring composite photography where, with the assistance of digital technology, she blends two or more of her images to create imaginary worlds. Her work was selected for an Ontario public arts project and has appeared in magazines and 26 art exhibitions, including two Art à la Carte shows at the Ontario Legislative Assembly. You will find Rebecca’s writing in Understorey, The Western Alumni Gazette, The Fur-Bearing Trout ... and Other True Tales of Canadian Life, and at the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. To see more of her work, visit @rebeccamstp on Instagram, @SeizeWordPixel on Twitter, and

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