A Day in My Life: Linda Roe

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I awake too early this morning, 2:17 a.m., and spend the wee hours on the couch in our lounge…our two cats cuddled up with me, purring and cleaning themselves.

The day begins at 7-ish with an instant coffee, which has been a habit since my Correctional Officer days in Ontario. I worked seven different shifts in the beginning of my ‘prison career’ which screwed up my sleeping patterns, for life as it turned out. Yes, instant coffee is now a habit first thing every morning.

I hear Peter in the shower; the day has really started now. Gazing out the window at Lunenburg Bay, I see there is a fog bank on the water looking like a row of mauve coloured hills. It is clear in the town, wonderful. The air is fresh and exciting. It’s going to be another good day and I’m looking forward to it with gusto as I have a ‘project.’

I feed the cats including a stray we’ve named Chowder and the outdoor birds and bring in another old wooden window from the garage in prep for doing a sea glass ‘painting.’ The sea glass I have collected over the last five years finally has a purpose. Apparently in the early days of Lunenburg, the town’s midden was located on the banks behind the houses on Pelham. Large boats are stored there now. Over the years, the glass and pottery bits have been rolled over and over by the wind/wave action and voila, jewels are created. Emeralds, amber, diamonds, sapphires and the odd ruby are at your feet for the picking. Give me sea beach treasures over a dress shop any time!

The sash window frames are from our beach stone cottage in Western Shore. The windows are probably older than the cottage with years of paint literally falling off around my feet as I hoist them up to bring them inside. I have discovered ten layers of paint; two shades of blue, two shades of green, two shades of white…pink, turquoise, silver and beige. Without much effort these frames will look ‘distressed,’ the popular look of today.

Time flies and it’s now the lunch hour. Together, my husband and I watch the noon news, finishing off our lunch with a mug of tea before heading back to our individual pursuits. Back to my frames I go but first, I must feed the neighbours’ cats. Their owners are away camping in Queens. Peter goes back to working on the edits for his books.

It’s odd sometimes where your mind wonders while performing small tasks like sanding wood. Today mine slips back to Ontario; to my sons and grandkids; to my art student coming tomorrow with his latest project; to my long-dead parents; to our coming trip to Ireland. Yes, the head is a busy place, much like an airport terminal at Christmas!

Before I can blink it’s supper time and I ask myself, “Why are we always eating? Eat, Eat, Eat.” I despair at my thoughts, at myself, as millions are starving and here I am complaining about too much to eat. I shake my head and forgive the inner me.

I finish off this happily productive day by re-sorting out all my sea glass and broken pottery bits. It give me pleasure to re-use and re-cycle. Two glasses of wine are poured and another joyful day is complete.

About Linda Roe

Born in Manitoba, Linda's artistic career began in Ontario painting full stage theatrical backdrops for which she gained public recognition. Her accolades included a Central Ontario Festival award; THEA awards (given by the Association of Community Theatres of Ontario); and two Arts Council of Halton Hills awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Community. Linda has created work in numerous media, including: encaustic (painting with beeswax), needle felting, acrylic, oil, watercolour, pastel and gouache. She has also worked with stained glass and traditional rug hooking. Her style is eclectic, varying from realism to impressionism to folk. Linda has had paintings accepted in many juried shows including shows in Burlington, Oakville, Waterloo, London and Welland in Ontario, as well as in Nova Scotia. In addition to numerous solo and joint art exhibitions, a large exhibit of her work has been displayed in Japan. One of her paintings hangs in the Ontario Legislative Library in Queens Park, Toronto. Linda is a member of the Lunenburg Art Gallery and Visual Arts Nova Scotia. She teaches art in her home studio and has classes in Chester. Examples of her work can be seen on her website, seville-roe.com

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