An Unexpected Delivery: Day 8ish Covid Clampdown

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A package arrived yesterday afternoon via UPS, just as John was taking Rudi, our little dachsie, out for a pee. Well, bedlam ensued. Rudi and I were squeezed in the storm porch between open doors. My husband John was on the front steps trying to shut the door. The delivery guy was trying to give the parcel to John. John was trying not to take the parcel. The dog was barking—a lot and loudly.

I started running around trying to find a plastic bag for the package that John was now holding on my return to the door. John called for scissors to open to package because he didn’t want to bring it inside.

I ran back to the kitchen and yelled that I was getting a bag from under the sink and to leave it all outside…. Good grief.

It was like someone had just delivered a bomb. God.

We have to “cam down,” as they say around here. My friend said that her father, who was a fisherman, used to say about the sea some days: “It’s a flat-ass sea.” So we must be.

The package is now in isolation for a week.

About Su Rogers

Su Rogers, who contributed artwork to the inaugural issue of Understorey, is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. For over 30 years, she has painted and exhibited her work in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. Her paintings have been purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank, the Pictou Advocate Collection, and other corporate collections. Several of her paintings have also graced book covers from Pottersfield Press, Oberon, Carleton University Press, Mosaic Press, and other Canadian literary presses. Su has attended numerous writing workshops and currently belongs to a Lunenburg-area writing group. She writes both creative nonfiction and poetry. Su was a finalist for creative nonfiction in the 2012 Atlantic Writing Competition.

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