Bittersweet Lament

By .

Nightmares 3 nights in a row
Nowhere I can go
Will temptation overcome
God is with me
But is it God’s timing
A personal 9/11
Has become public

It has been a winter of
Stocking up
Snowed ins
Study deadlines
A fender bender
About a loved one
Never ending
I hope

Flowers refused
And also chocolate
We wait
Apart together

A flurry of
Phone calls
E-mails texts
Bring measured

Love hurts
Yes in this mess
Will beloved
… yes

About Deborah Stephan

An honours high school English student in Ontario, Deborah’s reading and writing has been a constant over years of banking and insurance courses. In BC in the past decade, essays have taken up her words as a graduate student before earning a MASF. Art school and university creative writing courses have informed her poetic practice of painting, blogging, and facilitating workshops in contemplative writing, graffiti knitting, and collage. Her work has been published in newsletters and magazines. Deborah will now graduate the MDiv Program at The Carey Centre, UBC.

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