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I’ve been writing,
reflecting in my journal
and thinking just what you asked:

Why does this
feel different from the
already self
isolated state we live in?

The closest I’ve come to it is a
feeling that’s like those
wire-framed screen covers
people put on food in the summer to
keep the flies off.

They also keep out some light.

That’s how I feel.

One of those is over everything
not suffocating but
dimming, creating a feeling
not of safety but of

About Christine Curry

Christine Curry has lived on one side or the other of the Sable River estuary in eastern Shelbune County for nearly 45 years. She’s was a member of a small creative writing group in the early 1990s and more recently took part in three writing workshps sponsored by the Shelburne County Arts Council. Two pieces of her non-fiction work were included in Salt and Wild: Shelburne County Anthology edited by E. Alex Pierce and Susan Hoover (Boularderie Island Press, 2019). An occasional writer and very part-time yoga teacher, she’s navigating the uncertainty of Covid-19 with the help of long phone calls with family and friends, and by spending as much time as possible in the woods, on the shore, and in the garden.

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