Feminism (detail) by Regina Coupar

Feminism (detail) by Regina Coupar

Do you remember how we talked?

Words slowly formed
an understanding between us—

you wouldn’t come again but
you would stay for awhile,

I wouldn’t hold you
but I would hold your spirit

wandering large, looking
for a place to land.

And I would remember you
the passing of seasons.

I would remember the words too,
the ways and means, the signatures.

We made promises
about how to do this.

About Joanne Bealy

Joanne Bealy is the author of two books of poetry, At the Mercy of Gravity and Crooked Love, and is the photographer for Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone: a photo-narrative of black heritage on Salt Spring Island. Born in Montréal, Ms. Bealy lives in Halifax, NS.

About Regina Coupar

Regina Coupar is an artist, writer, and doctoral candidate. She lives in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia. See more of her work on her website.

One thought on “Abortion

  1. Amber Harvey

    This poem touches me. I can feel the spaces in-between. Breath and tears.


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