Bradley at the Dinner Table

Bradley at the Dinner Table

You don’t want salad.
Your mouth is full of
moist dayglow gobs of
bubble-mint spiderwebs.
You spit them out in your napkin,
slurping an emerald smoothie
I made just for you.
It tastes like gummy bears
you tell me, as you take a sip
that plants sprouts on your chin
when you are done.

I’m spiralizing the cucumbers into
a decorative frill for your plate.
I hope that the curly
green and white garland
might convince you to give
the villainous vegetable a try.

Your refusal bounces
off impenetrable parental armor.
My lack of luck tonight will be
your morning breakfast smoothie —
a mother never gives up.

You smile party streamers at me,
and tap a staccato rhythm
with fork and knife against
the rectangular white table surface,
then the back of your wooden chair.

Stop is caught between my teeth —
I dance to your beat.

Spike-y Pieces by Marla Benton

About Tracy Carruthers

Tracy Carruthers lives with her little monkey in New Westminster, British Columbia, where she tends to her bamboo plant and her writing ideas, attempting to water both on a regular basis. She is a poetess, and also a writer of personal narrative and fiction for children and adults. She does freelance writing for The Thrival Guide magazine, and is currently a creative writing student at Douglas College. Her writing is published in Pearls and One Cool Word. She would like to show the world the beauty of poetry.

About Marla Benton

Marla Benton's work is colourful, humorous and playful. Both sculptural and functional, her ceramic pieces are influenced by everyday adventures combined with nature, gardening, animals, and children. Marla earned her education through the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Ontario College of Art and Design (BFA) and Nipissing University (BED). As an artist and teacher, she has worked in the Yukon, Northern Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Through all her experiences, she has been exposed to many different materials and has found that ceramics is a perfect fit: practical and playful at the same time. Marla lives in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, with her husband, Eric, their four-year-old daughter, Juniper, and two cats.

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