Bubble Waffle on Xie Road

Bubble Waffle on Xie Road

thirteen years ago she stood beside him
in a ponytail and simple T-shirt
eyes steady on the nimble hands
that rested on the handle of the hot iron
heat against heat  a quick catch
his wrist jerks and the platter flips
onto its stomach  flames slowly roasting
into the milky batter across the bumps and crevices
of each drop
                               now she stands in a short buzz cut 
                               with quick swift strokes  dabs the thick mix
                               into each shell  one  two  three
                               before a quick snatch of the handle
                               heat against heat  flips the griddle onto its back
                               then calls         thirteen dollars apiece
                                               thirteen dollars apiece
                               while a surge of coins twinkle into
                               the rusted can

under the partial awning
half tucked away from the blistering orb
the wheels of the cart
               lock into step
of when a small child and her father
once stood        side by side 


digital illustration of a bubble waffle

Bubble Waffle by BeanSandBun

About Kathy Mak

Kathy Mak's debut chapbook, Another Day, is published by 845 Press (2020). Her poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared/are forthcoming in The/tƐmz/Review, Marías at Sampaguitas, Kissing Dynamite, This Magazine, Understorey Magazine, Canthius, The Malahat Review, and What You Need to Know About Me Anthology. She creates to capture fleeting moments of life and to reflect on her experiences. Visit her website: kathymak.weebly.com

About BeanSandBun

BeanSandBun (she/they) is a 1.5 Generation Femme settler from Hong Kong and currently resides on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nation. Their art practice uplifts marginalized communities and their fight for justice by incorporating concepts of resiliency & validating colonially spurned emotions such as anger and resentment. They hold a BA in Psychology and a minor in Gender Race Social Justice from UBC. In their free time, they enjoy community building, storytelling, and anime.

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