Grandparenting in Covid-19

Grandparenting in Covid-19

Precious days lost
Will I miss her first steps?
Daily photos and videos help
But I can’t touch her soft skin
Pat her round belly
Inhale her baby scent

FaceTime becomes “Story Time with Grandma”
She reaches out to touch my face
Opens and shuts the iPad for Peek-a-boo
And giggles as I feign surprise
I read her favourite books
Make animal noises,
Delight her with pop-ups

When she fusses I sing “Skinnamarink”
Her face relaxes, tears dry
I sign off and she searches the room
No fears, dear Josie
Grandma will be back.

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About Ruth McQuirter

Ruth McQuirter is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Brock University (Hamilton Campus), where she teaches Language Arts. Ruth enjoys writing retreats at Five Oaks Retreat Centre in Paris, Ontario, only partly because she can say, "I'm off to Paris to write."

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