Heart of Africville / Pieces of a Woman

Heart of Africville by Angel Bonita Gannon, Canadian pine wood.

Angel Bonita Gannon is the daughter of a former Africville resident and activist. Her creative interpretations of Africville are dedicated to her family history. She aims to inscribe a new discourse of art that will foster discussion and generate solutions.

Pieces of a Woman by Angel Bonita Gannon, walnut wood.

About Angel Bonita Gannon

Angel Bonita Gannon writes: I am the daughter of a former Africville resident and activist. Born in Montreal, I moved to Halifax in 1999 to assist with my parents' retirement. I studied Art History at John Abbott College in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, graduating in 1985, and at LaSalle College, graduating in 1992. In 2000, I became a member of the Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia, which has allowed me to partake in several exhibitions around the province, including at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Pier 21 and the Dartmouth Heritage Museum. I am an all-medium visual artist with expertise in oil, wood carving and clay sculpture.

2 thoughts on “Heart of Africville / Pieces of a Woman

  1. Kim Cain

    Love your wood work Angel. Beautiful!!

  2. Rainy Gannon Brown

    Congratulations Angel! So very proud of you. Daddy is rejoicing with the angel’s in heaven, singing Hallelujah! You are my inspiration! I appreciate all your hard work that you manifest in all aspects of your life. Truely amazing!


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