In Alight of Covid-19

In Alight of Covid-19

T’was the beginning of 2020, we thought we were all free
Christmas just ended, but there’s still time for a spree
It’s the new year, a new decade, forget the black past
but who knew COVID-19 would hit just as fast

It made its first appearance in Wuhan, China
then stealthily gained way to Europe and America
Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just a common cold,
it targets not the young but the elderly old

From one, to ten, to thousands of deaths each day
we’re doing the best for our people, politicians say
Yet time after time, these numbers lose its faze
until it’s our loved ones that don’t get to stay

The horror goes on and fear escalates
toilet paper and sanitizer become victims of fate
Empty stalls of meat, rice, and eggs meet my eyes
as I search through the aisles for what’s left to buy

Growing up as a diasporic child it’s hard in these times
crisis brings out the worse in people’s minds
Videos of Chinese Canadians kicked out of the store:
for wearing face masks they’re not welcome anymore

Maybe face masks don’t have the best connotations
yet that doesn’t give right to making assumptions
We wear it to protect others and ourselves from getting sick
so please don’t judge and be a total prick

I don’t mean to provoke nor end on a bad note
there’s so much going on, we’re all trying to stay afloat
To tell you the truth, I’ve got no remedy
but hey, eyes and ears: maybe it’s poetry

About Kathy Mak

Kathy Mak's debut chapbook, Another Day, is published by 845 Press (2020). Her poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared/are forthcoming in The/tƐmz/Review, Marías at Sampaguitas, Kissing Dynamite, This Magazine, Understorey Magazine, Canthius, The Malahat Review, and What You Need to Know About Me Anthology. She creates to capture fleeting moments of life and to reflect on her experiences. Visit her website:

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