In My Skin

In My Skin

In my caramel-coloured
Five foot, six inch frame
In my thick thighs
And high round buttocks
Toned arms
Large forehead
Large face
Almond-shaped eyes
Full lips
Laugh lines
Large hands
And high in-stepped feet

Resides a finally grown woman
No more looking outside for guidance
But looking inside and upward for strength
Slowly and intentionally
I have blossomed into a middle-aged
Non-blues wearing or carrying fireball
Who conquers her own demons
And fills her own voids

In my caramel-coloured
Aging face and frame
I have less time
For looking back and ahead
No more letting my empty parts dictate my actions
I live in the now
Deal with the real
Learn how silence can be as powerful as words
And how to sashay out of a space
That no longer fits
And sit comfortably elsewhere
In my skin.

About Cherrie Amour

Cherrie Woods (Amour) is an award-winning Canadian poet/author based in the US who writes about love, life and relationships. She has a book, Free to Be Me, Poems on Life, Love and Relationships and two CDs, Love’s Journey and ilovemesomewords all published under her pseudonym, Cherrie Amour. She has performed at festivals, retreats and arts and cultural events in the US and Canada. Her poems have been published in Poet's Ink and the Paterson Literary Review. See more of Cherrie's work on her website.

3 thoughts on “In My Skin


    Congrats Cherrie!!!!!!

    Love, Deb Remekie❣️

  2. Michael

    I loved your piece. I love you as you sashay elsewhere.

    Beautiful writing. Your description of yourself was remarkable.

    You are inner/outer beautiful!


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