momento mori

Still now
and every day after
I’d fight for Her.
And every day
in between that slips
by with sleep then

waking to the silence that screams
from Her empty crib. Where
full breasts weep
in warm showers draining
the last sign of Her from my body.

Now people can pretend
She was never there        here—

That there is no room filled
with the existence of Her
where the cat now sleeps.

The Far Shore by Carol Ann McNeil

The Far Shore by Carol Ann McNeil

About Rachel Edmonds

Rachel Edmonds is currently in her fourth year at Dalhousie University working towards a double major in English and Creative Writing. Her poems have been published in Fathom Magazine and Understorey Magazine and she also received first place in the Clare Murray Fooshee Poetry Prize for her poem "Hourglass." She lives in Blockhouse with her partner and two children.

About Carol Ann McNeil

Carol Ann McNeil is a contemporary mixed-media artist. Following a career in the advertising industry, Carol Ann turned her talents back towards her love of creating art through independent study. She then embarked upon a series of workshops with esteemed professional artists/teachers to further her abilities, which she continues to do. She is a long time resident of the St.Margaret's Bay area of Nova Scotia, where she works daily in her seaside home studio. Her work can be found in corporate and private collections internationally and can be seen on line at Carol Ann says, "in my art I try to express this wonderful sense of aliveness that I derive from the ocean environment right outside my island window. I like to show my response to the sense of beauty, change, freedom, freshness, movement, never-ending-ness, strength and the sheer wonder of it all through my art. I hope to inspire others to share their passion in their own way.

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