Owls Can Live 100 Years by Rose Adams

Owls Can Live 100 Years by Rose Adams

Mother knits you
from snot & silk & memory,
building your tiny bird bones
from her own teeth
and glass upon glass
of full-fat milk,

or else she finds you
& your valentine heart,
builds a nest from light,
sap & broken branches,
circling the wild air,
singing your homecoming.

You have her eyes
even if
you don’t.

About Tiffany Morris

Tiffany Morris is a Mi’kmaw sci-fi/horror/experimental poet. She is the author of the chapbook Havoc in Silence (Molten Molecular Minutiae, 2019) and It Came From Seca Lake! Horror Poems from Sweet Valley High (Ghost City Press, 2019). Her work has been featured in Room Magazine, Prairie Fire, and Eye to the Telescope, among others. Find her online at or on twitter @tiffmorris.

About Rose Adams

Rose Adams is a visual artist, educator and poet who teaches in the Foundation Department of NSCAD University in Halifax. Her 25-year-visual art retrospective, “Birds, Bones and Brains,” was exhibited at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery from January-March, 2014. Her poems have been published in numerous journals including Grain, Prism International, and the The Antigonish Review. Rose lives in Dartmouth with her two teenage children, her dog, and her parrot.

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