In a town where everyone
knows everyone
the girl who never connected is
an outsider.

School, recess, friends:
I do not belong here.
Family, holidays, gatherings:
I do not belong here.

My own mind, never operating right:
I do not belong here.
My own body, uncomfortable and ugly:
I do not belong here.

How do I get better
survive the day
when every place I go, every choice I make
feels wrong?

In a town where everyone
knows everyone
and everything about each other
I know surprisingly little.

People ask, Are you a small town person or a big city person?
I just assumed I was a big city person
considering the smothering town
I amĀ escaping.

But now the city
is dizzy
and lonely
and swallowing me

I do not belong here.


Mirror by Justine MacDonald

About Forrest Jamie

Forrest Jamie is from a First Nations reserve in Ontario and is a passionate creator in several different mediums. She is an emerging writer and freelance artist, working in makeup and traditional art. Forrest is also invested in mental health advocacy, having been greatly affected by mental health issues.

About Justine MacDonald

Justine MacDonald is a photographer, writer and world traveller. She enjoys using these pursuits to explore history and the world in general. Her focus is on creating architectural and abstract images. An award-winning photographer, she has participated in several exhibitions and blogs at

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