Perhaps, and Yet

speckled green eyes and calloused hands
focal points to his form
an achromatic shadow that looms

the realization comes with foreign touches
with his sharp intakes of the winter air

he dismantles every fragment of
my being shattered on damp pavement

he lets his footsteps echo as he

and yet

a different night
I’d have succumbed through dinner
allured by speckled green eyes dancing
to the flicker of burning candles
captivated by calloused hands flowing with eloquence
with the warmth of his endearments
with the power he wielded

and yet
such circumstances were not.

to oblivion I will carry them
speckled green eyes and calloused hands

for the realization came with foreign touches
with his sharp intakes of the winter air

Bitter Wind by Signe Constable


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Abitha Suthakaran

About Abitha Suthakaran

Abitha Suthakaran is a self-proclaimed artist currently trekking through the snowstorm that is high school. Born and raised in Ontario, Abitha discovered her knack for words at a very young age, much to the annoyance of her parents and peers. Though hoping to pursue the sciences in her future, Abitha enjoys submerging herself in the world of the English language in her spare time. She can also be found performing in annual musical productions in Markham.

About Signe Constable

Signe Constable is a Canadian-Bermudian artist currently living and working in Bermuda. She focuses on conceptual portraiture and is constantly striving to show both the oddness and the beauty of being a human.

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