Pretty Corners Catch the Eye

Pretty Corners Catch the Eye

there was no way to tell
just how
hard a floor could be
                     no reason to know
the hours one could zoom
through days
dazed, cross legged
seated posing
laptops on laps
tablets on tummies
work life balance

painting by Teri Donovan showing woman holding cellphone and decorative background

Circa 2008 by Teri Donovan

charging souls
previewing self
on mute
finding all the pretty corners

wanderlust in dusty corners

trying to seduce
nature onto shiny
plastic trees

                     editing myself
                     for myself

curating tiny boxes
for tiny boxes
moveable backstories involving art
or if they don’t they will

a teak lamp
an old typewriter
anything whimsical, whiskery
(Oh, the cats)
dressing to catch the eye and say

                     i’m happy here
                     i’m just fine
                     my minutiae tells you so


About Kimberley Orton

Kimberley Orton is a poet/playwright, photographer of skies, and registered midwife who lives in downtown Toronto. She holds degrees from U of T in Theatre and English Literature, and is currently completing her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC.

About Teri Donovan

Teri Donovan is a Toronto-based mixed media artist with a Fine Arts degree from York University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. She also studied at The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, the Ontario College of Art and Design, and the Toronto School of Art. Her work engages with issues of perception, memory, and identity and focuses on patterns that shape thoughts and behaviours, and the influence of the past on the present and future. Her practice navigates between drawing, painting, photography, digitally-based imagery, collage, and three-dimensional constructions. Using a variety of strategies, she juxtaposes elements to create visual dialogues that expose, question, and highlight underlying patterns that inform contemporary life. Teri's work has been exhibited at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa), Hermes Gallery (Halifax), Hamilton Artists Inc. (Hamilton), the Latcham Art Centre (Stouffville), ARC Gallery (Chicago), the Art Gallery of Mississauga, and the Red Head Gallery (Toronto), where she exhibited until January, 2020. Donovan’s work is represented in corporate and private collections and was featured in Carte Blanche Vol.2: Painting, a survey of contemporary painting in Canada. See more at

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