Remembering Marie On the Eve of the Millennium

"Things We Carry" by Louise Pentz

Things We Carry by Louise Pentz

What does it feel like
to know you are going to die
not die like everyone must.

But die
because the one who says
he loves you
who says he will always
love you
who says if you leave him
he will kill you
because he loves you so much
he wants no one else near you.

To know that each day
could be the day he comes
when no one else is home
the day he hides under the porch
to surprise you when you come home.

To feel the breeze from
the bedroom window
broken again and unlocked
to know he is somewhere
in your house, in your home.

To believe
your only escape
is death itself.

[Marie D. stabbed 33 times by her former husband in 1997.]

About Sylvia D. Hamilton

Sylvia D. Hamilton is an award-winning Nova Scotian filmmaker, writer, artist and educator. Her films have been broadcast in Canada and screened at festivals at home and abroad. Her writing has appeared in a variety of Canadian journals and anthologies. Her poetry collection And I Alone Escaped to Tell You was short-listed for a 2015 League of Canadian Poets Award and the 2015 East Coast Literary Poetry Award. Her recognitions include honourary degrees and a Gemini Award. She has taught at Mount Saint Vincent University and Acadia University and has lectured at universities across Canada. She holds the Roger's Chair in Communications at the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

About Louise Pentz

Louise Pentz is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her work can be found in public and private collections throughout Canada, the US, and France. Please visit her gallery.

One thought on “Remembering Marie On the Eve of the Millennium

  1. Sue LeBreton

    Sadly there are too many Marie’s in the world. What a beautiful way to bring light to such a dark subject.


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