The Crops / The Chattel

The Crops By Darlene Strong

The Crops and The Chattel are part of a series of ten paintings depicting the arrival of an African family to (what is now) Canada in 1785 and their subsequent contributions to Black history.

The paintings were created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The exhibit has travelled to African heritage venues in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with the support of the Cumberland African Nova Scotian Association, the Town of Amherst, the Nova Scotia government and the Cumberland County Museum. The work has also been disseminated online to help promote a deeper understanding of and respect for African-Canadian history.

The Chattel by Darlene Strong

About Darlene Strong

Darlene Strong is a Nova Scotia ArtsSmart artist and a professional counsellor, as well as a published author, musician and singer from the African Nova Scotian community. Darlene understands that painting is one the oldest forms of art and her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. Much of her work reflects rural settings with a personal touch of warmth, expression and country charm and a spiritual overtone connects viewers to her personal philosophy. Darlene has exhibited widely and received numerous awards for her work. A 15-year retrospective of Darlene's art was shown at the Cumberland County Museum in 2017 and was photographed with permission by the renowned pianist Mr. Woody Woods. See more of Darlene's work on Flickr.

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