Your Words Don’t Hurt Us

Your Words Don’t Hurt Us

I laugh and pull her close
She leans her head on my shoulder
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I chuckle and squeeze her hand
She smiles weakly
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I wince and look to her
She drops my hand
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I turn to her and reach out
She steps away
Your words don’t hurt us
I love her

I pocket my hands and drop my gaze
She is not here
Your words hurt us
I loved her…

I still do

Meow by Erin Hollingshead















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About Molly Redden

Molly Redden is 18 years old and in Grade 12 at Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. She plans to go to Dalhousie University to major in Theatre Performing Arts. She has been performing since age nine. She has a great interest in written and non-written art and takes pride in her work. Update 2021: Molly is now a graduate of the FSPA Acting program at Dalhousie University!

About Erin Hollingshead

Erin Hollingshead is an Ontario-born artist now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at NSCAD University, having attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario beforehand. Erin primarily paints with oils and acrylics but also works with printmaking. The figure has always been integral to her work; the challenge of creating a likeness of a person and all of the possibilities a figure can offer to a painting is what draws her to this type of imagery. She is focusing on creating a critical body of work that deals with portraying strong women and covering feminist issues and themes. Although the works has a serious undertone, the imagery is still meant to be fun, playful and exciting in colour and content. See more of Erin's work on her website, Etsy and Instagram: @ehollingshead22.

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