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Barbara Carter, writer and artist, was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, in December 1958. In 1988, she had her first solo show at the former Black Duck Gallery in Lunenburg, NS. Since then, Carter has been in many solo and group art shows and her artwork can be found in many collections, including the Nova Scotia Art Bank. “Waiting Mothers” can be viewed outside the cafeteria at The Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax, NS. She spent over ten years instructing children and adult art classes. Carter is a self-taught artist and writer who follows her inner voice, gut, heart—whatever you care to call it. Art for her has been a journey of self-discovery. Please see her website for more information.

Counting Underwear

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Julie, my youngest daughter, runs in laughing and forgetting to close the front door. “Nanny says you got lots of panties in the wash.” She skips around the table. My husband has been unemployed. Money is tight. We don’t have…