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Chelsea Fritz is in her final year of an English Honours Degree at Mount Royal University. This self-proclaimed crazy cat lady calls Calgary home, but originally hails from Fort McMurray. When she's not in school, she spends her time writing and travelling. Two of her favourite countries are Scotland and India, both of which have served as inspiration in her writing. Although she loves any form of creative writing, she has found her niche in screenwriting. She hopes to continue on to earn her master's but is, for now, focused on finishing her undergraduate degree.

Catch My Drift by Genevieve Scott

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The relationship between a mother and her child is a rocky phenomenon that can be difficult for some authors to capture. Genevieve Scott’s debut novel, Catch my Drift (Goose Lane, 2018), is a wonderfully realistic story of a complex family, and at the heart is mother and daughter, Lorna and Cara. As a millennial feminist, I’m pleased with even one unique female main character, so to read a novel with two female protagonists—women I was instantly devoted to—was a treat. Lorna’s social awkwardness and ambition, juxtaposed with Cara’s anxiety and longing to fit in, was perfectly told in this story. And while the two characters are like oil and water, I found them both utterly relatable and endearing in their own ways.Continue Reading Catch My Drift by Genevieve Scott

Refuge in the Black Deck by Nicola Peffers

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Nicola Peffers’ memoir, Refuge in the Black Deck (Caitlin Press, 2017), tells of the struggles many women face to make it in a “man’s world.” Peffers, an Alberta native hailing from my own hometown of Fort McMurray, gives an honest-to-a-fault description of her time as an Ordinary Seaman in the Canadian Navy. Reading the book, I found myself alongside Peffers as she endured harassment, discrimination and exhaustion aboard the HMCS Winnipeg.Continue Reading Refuge in the Black Deck by Nicola Peffers