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Dawn Hurley-Chapman writes in between serving up coffee and homemade soup at her cafe in Toronto's east end. She holds an honours degree in English Language & Literature from University of Western Ontario and attended University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies in Creative Writing. Much of her writing springs from her experience growing up in suburban Ontario, her travels, and the inspiring, off-beat people she has met. Her work is published in Women Travel: A Rough Guide Special, Quality Women’s Fiction (UK) and Cargo Literary. In 2017 she was awarded a Toronto Arts Council grant for her novel in progress, The Orphan’s Edict.

Mabel’s Fable

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1:1 Once upon a time on a warm autumn night, a girl was born on a farmstead in Craigleith, Ontario.
Orchards surrounded the farmhouse and the air was ripe with the scent of blood and fallen apples. The doctor observed…