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Eileen Sanderson originates from the Red River Metis in Manitoba. She currently resides in Birchtown, Nova Scotia. Eileen is a mother and grandmother of six grandchildren and one great-grandson. She has also been published in Salt and Wild. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Manitoba's Inner City Social Work Program and practiced social work for approximately 30 years in Winnipeg. Eileen has been involved in writing workshops with Alex Pierce at McKay Memorial Library in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, for the past six years.

The Pandemic

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His very darkest brown eyes sparkled and were so vibrant in contrast to his blond, prairie-field fluffy head of hair flowing freely in the wind. His eyes jumped with the excitement he carried in his nine-year-old body.

He was as excited as any nine-year-old boy would be with the notion of going home. To be reunited with his maternal brothers, hopefully with Father and all his paternal extended family, too. Especially his friends. His excitement soared.

This time it was different, as this time he had to be extra careful, donning gloves, a mask, and sunglasses. He called it The Corona. It was his friend he retorted, likely his way of remaining calm and showing he can be a big boy.

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