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Fazila Nurani has been practicing law for 20 years and lives in Markham, Ontario. Fazila has developed a strong interest in etymology and the inspirational power of language. Fascinated by how the common use of many English words has changed over time, Fazila is publishing her first chapbook of poetry in 2021, celebrating words beginning with each letter of the English alphabet. Fazila’s love for reading and writing poetry was first influenced by the works of early Persian poets and philosophers such as Rumi and Hafiz. IG: @fazila.nurani


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dangling icicles glitter in the sun
droplets swell, cling, quiver and finally free fall
splattering, disappearing into wet pavement

letting go – I take myself less seriously now
cracking up always feels better
origin of humor being fluids of the body

flexible and adaptable in the liquid state
fitting into any container of experience
life throws my way unexpectedly

rigid and stubborn in the solid state
easily bent out of shape when push comes to shove
the very source of such suffering

grace always here in the vapor state – hidden
presence can be felt like the stars in the sky
looking so solid these hot balls of gas

shining, shimmering           heavenly bodies
pointing to the children we once were and the elders
we are becoming, encouraging us

to see how we are one and the same
whether frozen like a rock or going with the flow
the more solid the set up the greater the joke

as we play the game of being human
not a guarded giggle but an uncontrollable roar
cracking the edges of our personalities

Photo by Sara Harley showing a woman reaching toward a sky of colourful spots of light.

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