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Kendall Bistretzan was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and now resides in Calgary, Alberta, where she is about to receive her journalism degree from Mount Royal University. She has reported for the Calgary Journal and Daily Hive, and has published creative work with Blue Marble Review, Ogma Magazine, Polar Expressions and more. She currently works as a barista, and wants to focus on her writing career upon graduation. You can follow her process on Instagram @kendallbistwrites.


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Cover of "Fauna" book.Ask any young person what they think about climate change and the prognosis is likely grim. They’ll recall childhood science classes full of dire nature documentaries and summers that got warmer and warmer with each passing year. I am twenty-one years old and the idea that damage done by the climate crisis will soon be irreparable is not new to me, but that doesn’t make the reality of the situation any less haunting. Life is a constant balance of doing my part for the world and trying not to think too hard about the things I cannot change.

Perhaps for this reason Fauna (Coach House Books, 2020), Christiane Vadnais’s debut eco-fiction, managed to be both beautiful and terrifying, a love letter to mother nature and a warning to those who dare cross her.

Vadnais writes with a beautiful eloquence that brings her lush and terrifying world to life. Given the fresh, natural talent displayed in Fauna, it’s no wonder Radio-Canada named her as a young writer to watch in 2020. Equally impressive, the original novel was written in French and stunningly translated to English by the brilliant Pablo Strauss.

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