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Melody Martin-Googoo is a mom to three crazy coo coo birds beautiful children: Brennan, Madison and Brady. She is married to Christopher and together they juggle the world around them. Melody is a Mi’kmaq language, English and Social Studies teacher at Truro Junior High School. She has only recently discovered that serenity and peace CAN exist in her life at five in the morning. It is then she finds the solitude to do laundry, left over supper dishes, teacher stuff and the most absolute fun of all writing (and a tiny bit of running); not necessarily in the same order. Melody is currently working on a Mi’kmaq resource book with the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq and can not wait until it is used in classrooms throughout Mi’kma’ki.


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She was drunk.
Lip gloss stained beyond the limits of her mouth.
Skimpy polyester blouse
Clingy, plunging
Nude push up bra, worn, faded, peeking through
Pitiful cleavage

She was lonely.
Designer jeans not intended for a forty year old body.
Flashy sequined pockets
Tight, MILF-Y
Jewels glistening crushed hopes and dreams
Muffin top

She was loud.
Whispering secrets to anyone who would listen
Sloppy drunken kisses
Unzipping, careless
Mouth, hands, body pressed to strange men
Shameful regret

She was hurt.
Empty and hollow like the dirt hitting the box.
Cold, wintery day
No goodbyes
There were no farewell kisses
Unanswered cries

Red wine is elegant.
Red wine is sophisticated.
Red wine one bottle, too many

She was living life.
Cabs and drinks, Strangers and dancing clubs
Cigarettes and lipstick
Room 141
The night fades away

Three boys
Twelve, eight and five
Mommy will be home soon.
…until again

Painting by Norene Smiley.

“You fit into me like a hook into the eye, a fish hook, an open eye — Margaret Atwood” by Norene Smiley.