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Rebecca Dust is a science student attending the University of Alberta. Although her degree focuses in biology and a minor in music, her love for creative writing and literature has never dwindled. Her writing experience is limited, but it is fueled by her love of creativity and expanding her horizons through literature. Rebecca hopes to pursue a career in scientific research, but is adamant to improve her writing and to publish more work in the future.

I Took It All for Granted

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Life as a university student is an absolute, never sleeping, always studying, where is my caffeine, level of chaos. As a first-year university student, adjusting to this lifestyle was much more difficult than I had first thought. My first semester came with the thrills of new freedom and an expanding perspective of life and all it had to offer. With these highs came the lows, where tears accompanied thoughts of giving up in the face of midterms, labs, and the never-ending stream of assignments and studying. First semester finally ended, and I had learned so much about myself as a person and as a learner. I had gone through the ringer and came out with better studying habits and was fully prepared to conquer second semester head on.

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