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Romany Rivers is a British-born poet, artist, and Reiki Master currently residing in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and two young children. Although an avid writer from a young age, it was the birth of her first child and her postnatal experiences of love and depression that encouraged Romany to rediscover herself through writing and publishing. Now a resident poet with Moon Books and author of Poison Pen Letters to Myself and The Woven Word, Romany is also an active contributor to various books, magazines and blogs.

Stolen Seconds

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Angry Sky by Dianne Murdoch

Sometimes I steal into a quiet garden to stand by the washing line
Laundry forgotten in my hands as my eyes search grey skies
Looking for something, searching for something
Seeing everything but noticing nothing
I breathe deeply and release one long shuddering sigh
A breath held without conscious mind
Waiting for just a few minutes rest to fly free from a constricted chest
I look down at trembling hands that clutch such tiny clothes
Representations of the miniature people so large within my life
Leaving little space for me as I shrink and shrivel to give room for their growth
I let go
Of the laundry
Of the breath
Of the stress
Of the tiredness
Of the constant needing, feeding, reading, singing, sighing, playing and praying for peace
I let go and close my eyes
Wondering if tears will kiss my cheeks in gratitude
For these silent still moments stolen swiftly beside the washing line.