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About Shantelle Vanterpool

Shantelle Vanterpool is a self-taught artist, born in Nova Scotia and now living in Washington, DC. Drawing inspiration from her fashion design background, Shantelle is intrigued by structure versus deconstruction and how reality is perceived through the eyes of others. Her abstract use of bold colors and geometric shapes depict her optimistic point of view. “As awkward as it may appear,” Shantelle states, “I still see beauty.” Asymmetrical lines, circles and a signature yellow "Diddle flower" are commonly repeated in her work. Shantelle describes her bold use of color as “the fabric of my memories.”

Her Flower

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Her Flower by Shantelle Vanterpool. Acrylic on canvas.



















The moment the colours touched my palette, I knew this was going to be a very special canvas. Tribute is paid to the late Pablo Picasso with a re-imaging of his piece Jacqueline with Flowers, 1954. I used an overall lighter palette to suggest feelings of happiness, enlightenment and optimism. Picasso’s cubism method was captured to depict multiple points of view unified through geometric shapes. I wanted to create a painting that expressed the confidence and perseverance of beautiful black women everywhere!

Shantelle Vanterpool