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Virginia Boudreau

About Virginia Boudreau

Virginia Boudreau is a retired Learning Disabilities Specialist. She hails from Southwestern Nova Scotia where she can often be found on a beach. Her poetry and prose have been published in a wide variety of international literary magazines and anthologies, both in print and online. This is her second appearance in Understorey Magazine. She has new work upcoming in The Sonder Review, Eastern Iowa Review, Cricket Magazine and QWERTY.

Practice / Spirals

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Practice The lump rises innocuous from pale flesh just below
your collarbone. A gentle swell, almond shaped, firm
but not hard. You insist I touch it, want me to feel proof
that it’s real. I can’t refuse, you ask for…

Just Wondering

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for Alex The day you turned eighteen
snow froze to the ground,
a patchwork of chipped
ice and sienna grass.
Ditches gleamed and clouds
cracked to reveal shafts of wan
sun, pouring bitter lemon light. Your words fell like snow,…