A Day in My Life: Courtney Gerber

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Greeted my toddler at 7:15am.

Nursed said toddler.

Nuzzled said toddler until 7:45am.

Ate breakfast.

Played, played, and played toddler-style.

Cleaned a poopy diaper.

Started to clean the shower (one tile down, quite a few damn many to go).

Rushed to the gym for a 45-minute workout. (Thank you partner for staying home with the kiddo.)

Made lunch for myself and my daughter.

Spent ten minutes trying to convince my daughter to eat.

Changed clothes.

Rode a trolley with the family.

Talked the little one off a cliff when we had to exit the trolley.

Disassembled the car seat. Washed the car seat. Vacuumed the car. Reassembled the car seat.

Registered for the neighborhood garage sale.

Wrote a gallery learning activity for a museum educator clinic I’m leading tomorrow.

Composed notes for a consulting gig I’ve got on Wednesday.

Reviewed blog pitches I submitted to a company that I’ll be speaking to on Wednesday.

Cleaned out the silverware drawer.

Finished cleaning the shower. (I’m really happy about this one!)

Went to the park with my family.

Gave my daughter hugs and kisses while her Dad readied her for dinner and bed.

Went to the grocery store.

Got my daughter’s daycare supplies together for the week.

Glanced at job openings.

Stressed about going to my current job.


Kissed my husband.

Read a few pages in a book.


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