Even If

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Art by Lily Brigham-Gale

We must persevere.

Even if the hands of society grab and pull at us,
trying to mould our bodies, our souls,
We must break away.

Even if the words of others speak to the darkest thoughts,
We must protect our minds.

Even if the lens only filters black and white
We must see in colour.

Even if the binds of the world begin to unthread,
We must stitch them back together.

Even if around every corner we turn
we are asked to indulge in the worst,
We must say “no.”

Even if the things money can’t buy,
are challenged by the things it can,
We must choose love.

Even if the shadows cast doubt
We must shine our light.

Even if…
We must persevere.

(From Understorey Magazine, Issue 10, 2017)

About Sophia Wedderburn

Sophia Wedderburn is 15 years old. She writes: "From the time I could jot words onto a page, writing has always been a part of me, whether it was concocting fairy tales about heroines slaying dragons or composing poetry inspired by my surroundings. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with my mom, dad, younger sister, Eve, and my beautiful puppy, Jesse."

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