Lebanese Kitchen

Lemon Curd by Kelly Neil

Lemon Curd by Kelly Neil

It’s six o’clock:
I’ve barely closed the front door behind me
and already

the sound of arabic mixed with
french mixed with

the smell of fresh garlic mixed with
all-spice mixed with

clings to my
thick brown hair.

Mom’s kitchen is the closest I have
to my grandmother
to my grandfather
to the olive trees
fig trees
cedar trees

to the breathtaking mountains
and the Mediterranean sea,

my second home.

My mom
your mom
his mom
her mom

since we can’t go there
thank you for bringing it here,

to our kitchens.

About Jasmine Chater

Jasmine Chater is a teacher living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She completed both her English and education degree at Mount Saint Vincent University. She has published poems in the Halifax literary journal Open Heart Forgery and the online publication Symmetry. She enjoys the poets of the modernist movement such as Gertrude Stein and Wallace Stevens. Jasmine believes it is vital to make creative expression a central part of the classroom.

About Kelly Neil

Kelly Neil is a self-taught professional photographer and food stylist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She loves food, cats and swearing, in no particular order.

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