Yes, I am a Feminist. No, I do not hate men. Yes, I believe women are still oppressed. No, I have never burned a bra. Yes, I wear one. No, I am not a lesbian, but so what if I were? Yes, I wear make-up. No, I don’t like the color pink. Yes, I have long hair. No, I am not a tomboy because there is no such thing. No, I don’t want to be a man. Yes, I am proud to be a woman. No, it is not women’s nature to be nurturing. Yes, we can give birth to a child but we are no less of a woman if we choose not to. No, I do not need you to determine my value, only I can do that. Yes, I believe in birth control. No, I am not a slut. Yes, I believe women are as capable as men. No, I am not making you a sandwich. Yes, you can make me one. No, I am not bitter. Yes, I believe in love. No, I am not butch, but so what if I were? Yes, gender roles are learned. No, I don’t have penis envy. Yes, I talk back. No, I am not blaming men. Yes, we live in patriarchy. No, I do not want to take your last name. Yes, I have no shame in saying VAGINA. VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA. No, I do not need you, but we could make a good team. Yes, I am independent. No, it doesn’t matter what she was wearing. Yes, I cry, but I also laugh, fight, and smile. No, I will not be “yours,” I will be mine.

"Red Door" by Su Rogers

Red Door by Su Rogers

About Megan Neaves

Megan Neaves is a 22 year-old first year student in the Bachelor of Education program at Mount Saint Vincent University. She graduated last year with a bachelor of arts degree with a major in English and minor in History. She aspires to be an English and Social Studies teacher at the secondary level. Megan says "I write because a lot of women may have a feminist perspective, yet are afraid to claim the title because it carries so much baggage. I wanted to deconstruct negative connotations and be a proud example of a feminist in 2013."

About Su Rogers

Su Rogers is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. For over 25 years, she has painted and exhibited her work in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. Her work has been purchased by Nova Scotia Art Bank, the City of Ottawa Art Collection, the City of Nepean Art Collection, Carleton University Art Gallery Collection, Corporate Collections, and is also in private collections in Canada and the USA. Several of her images can be seen on Canadian small press book covers. Su is very happy to be living back in her home province of Nova Scotia after several periods of living away. She maintains her painting practice at her home studio in Lunenburg, NS. "The Red Door," shown here, is owned by City of Ottawa Corporate Collection. Please see more of her work at Visual Arts Nova Scotia and the Karsh-Masson Gallery.

6 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Sue LeBreton

    Great job of pushing back against the negative connotations of feminism. Happy to hear young women are making it their own.

  2. Jerrica Tanner

    This is beautiful!

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  4. Mimi Collette

    I wish I had said all that–it has been here inside me but you said it.. Good for you…

  5. Lyle Mailman

    Great work Megan. You will be happy in whatever you do when you stay true to yourself and values!


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