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Megan Neaves is a 22 year-old first year student in the Bachelor of Education program at Mount Saint Vincent University. She graduated last year with a bachelor of arts degree with a major in English and minor in History. She aspires to be an English and Social Studies teacher at the secondary level. Megan says "I write because a lot of women may have a feminist perspective, yet are afraid to claim the title because it carries so much baggage. I wanted to deconstruct negative connotations and be a proud example of a feminist in 2013."


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Yes, I am a Feminist. No, I do not hate men. Yes, I believe women are still oppressed. No, I have never burned a bra. Yes, I wear one. No, I am not a lesbian, but so what if I were? Yes, I wear make-up. No, I don’t like the color pink. Yes, I have long hair. No, I am not a tomboy because there is no such thing. No, I don’t want to be a man. Yes, I am proud to be a woman. No, it is not women’s nature to be nurturing. Yes, we can give birth to a child but we are no less of a woman if we choose not to. No, I do not need you to determine my value, only I can do that. Yes, I believe in birth control. No, I am not a slut. Yes, I believe women are as capable as men. No, I am not making you a sandwich. Yes, you can make me one. No, I am not bitter. Yes, I believe in love. No, I am not butch, but so what if I were? Yes, gender roles are learned. No, I don’t have penis envy. Yes, I talk back. No, I am not blaming men. Yes, we live in patriarchy. No, I do not want to take your last name. Yes, I have no shame in saying VAGINA. VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA. No, I do not need you, but we could make a good team. Yes, I am independent. No, it doesn’t matter what she was wearing. Yes, I cry, but I also laugh, fight, and smile. No, I will not be “yours,” I will be mine.

"Red Door" by Su Rogers

Red Door by Su Rogers