The Reclamation

The Reclamation

When young I ran
loose and barefoot
Over partially colonised fields
and tide-transmuted rock.
Not pausing to consider the life
crushed underfoot
Or the millennia sharply pressed
into my tender arches.
I just wanted to splash, mindlessly
Into the water.

I am still barefoot, but circumspect.
And cognisant of the grass
Between my toes.

I think if I stand for a time
The blades will grow long
and cover my legs
Ants will march up and find refuge
in my bellybutton
Wild roses will entwine
my pubis, and my breasts
will provide nest space for swallows.
My ears will be repurposed for hives
by fat bees, and my nose will prove a
quiet place for chrysalides.

And if I follow the new-born butterflies
To the shore of my youth
I will not splash, but float,
Arms spread wide and toes splayed,
allowing fish to nibble my skin
for sustenance.
And if the seaweed reclaims my hair
as its own
And pulls me down to the Basin floor
to live with the hermit crabs and periwinkles

I will not resist.

Waiting by Sally Warren

About Karen Morash

Karen Morash is a playwright and poet originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who now lives in a small village called Shoreham in Kent, England, but returns home as much as possible! Her theatre work has appeared on London fringe and festival stages and she teaches Theatre Studies at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. Poetry, drama, and other writing has appeared in Understorey Magazine, Literary Mama, Mothers Always Write, Bare Fiction, Live Canon's 2018 Anthology and (More) New Poems for Christmas, and Room Magazine (forthcoming in 2019), amongst others. She also has won awards from Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Slipstream Poets. Karen graduated with a PhD in Theatre from Goldsmiths, University of London.

About Sally Warren

Sally Warren graduated from the Ontario College of Art. The lyrical lines and expressive form of the human figure have been a focus of much of her work. Waiting is one of a series of recent etchings focusing on "parts" of the body. Developed with complex linear and textural surfaces, each piece is suggestive of individual mood and narrative. Sally exhibits her work at the Peer Gallery in Lunenburg, NS, and other venues around Nova Scotia. Her work can also be found in collections in Canada, the US and Europe.

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  1. Kelly Bannister

    Stunning poem!


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