Diverse Stories of Women on Stage

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Understorey Magazine seeks stories that illuminate the diverse experiences of women* on stage and in performance in Canada.

Send us plays/performance texts that bring the lives and voices of womyn to the forefront.

We are also looking for prose and poetry by women directors, actors, and producers about their experience in Canadian theatre.

Issue editor: Award-winning playwright & professor at Mount Royal University, Natalie Meisner

Deadline: June 15, 2019

Honorarium available for accepted work.

1,500 words maximum.

See full submission guidelines here.

*Our definition of women welcomes trans women, non-binary, and genderqueer individuals.

Listen Before Transmit by Dani Couture

A Shepard-Risset Glissando is a set of three musical scales, separated by octaves, played simultaneously to produce the auditory illusion of notes forever ascending (or descending). The effect isn’t ethereal so much as it is unnerving, because the layered scales never resolve. Songs and symphonies teach us to expect resolution. Melodies are boomerangs and hungry dogs: they always return. An ascending Shepard-Risset Glissando, instead, builds tension and anxiety to the breaking point—but without ever breaking.

Composer Hans Zimmer loves Shepard tones. And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that Dani Couture does as well. Listen Before Transmit (Wolsak and Wynn, 2018) her fourth book of poetry, never resolves—not even close. It only ascends. By the time you’ve reached the third and final untitled section of Listen, you’ve somehow made it to the outer atmosphere in a weather balloon: all the Earth you know reduced to miniatures, and space incomprehensibly massive above you. Continue reading

Elemental by Kate Braid

Each September, I wend my way through the back roads of the Annapolis Valley to attend Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW): a volunteer-organized retreat and workshop series aimed at women interested in hunting, fishing, and other outdoorsy pursuits. This year, I brought my copy of Kate Braid’s Elemental (Caitlin Press, 2018), which I snuck away to read in my bunk between starchy meals, awkward attempts at skills acquisition, and quality time daydreaming into the campfire.

As a companion to a woman in the forest, Elemental is patient and instructive: a friend whose gaze you follow to a camouflaged rustle of bird-on-branch or “a wilderness of pattern” (10), or whose fingers find “a small red tattoo of arbutus bark” (15) on your skin. Elemental explores water, fire, wood, sky, and earth, and again, like the wise companion that it is, teaches you to see each of these materials erupting from the others: water from sky, earth from fire, fire from wood. Continue reading

Femmes francophones du Canada atlantique

Nous invitons les contributions des femmes des communautés, des dialectes, des cultures et des histoires francophones divers du Canada atlantique, incluant mais sans s’y limiter, acadiens, brayons, métis français, français terre-neuvien, et de plus, des résidentes actuelles venant des régions francophones du monde.

Understorey Magazine publie les histoires des vies des femmes comme racontées à travers la fiction, la non-fiction créative, la poésie, le drame et les arts visuels.


Racontez-nous une histoire de votre vie et de votre langue:

  • Comment est-ce que la langue et la culture déterminent votre quotidien au Canada atlantique?
  • Comment est-ce qu’elles influencent vos traditions de longue date?
  • Comment préservez-vous votre langue à travers les générations?
  • Comment vous la laissez tomber?
  • Comment entrez-vous en contact avec les ou restez-vous à l’écart des communautés d’expression française?


Les contributions sont ouvertes aux écrivaines qui s’identifient en tant que femmes et sont des citoyennes canadiennes ou les résidentes permanentes et/ou s’identifient comme première nation, métis ou inuite.


Edité par Rohini Bannerjee, Saint Mary’s University

Veuillez voir les directives de soumission.

Date limite : 31 mars 2019

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